About luya\helpers\Url

Hello, I have a question regarding class https://luya.io/api/luya-helpers-Url
it uses

use luya\yii\helpers\Url as HelpersUrl;

but looks like class luya\yii\helpers\Url not exists?

also methods mentioned in phpdoc not exist anymore

Hey @ms177, welcome to the LUYA Forum and thanks for your post.

We have moved the luya helpers to an LUYA independent package, so it can be used without LUYA, just as Yii Framework helpers => GitHub - luyadev/yii-helpers: A repository containg all helper classes based on the Yii Helper classes

I have fixed the docs! it should be available in the LUYA API docs now, see Build any web thing! — LUYA

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Thanks @nadar! it makes sense now :slightly_smiling_face: