Distributed Luya over NFS not working

Heya, I have a quick question. We tried to setup luya in a distributed fashion with the files on NFS, but nothing works. It just hangs forever. We have experience in this (we did laravel, magento, wp) but this luya framework just won’t budge. Did anyone manage to set up luya on a shared NFS? How did you manage to do it?

Hey @cristian.blanaru

What does your storage configuration look like? By default it will just try to store files in public_html/storage which is a readable and writable folder.

Maybe take a look at this Build any web thing! — LUYA there you can see how storage is configured. By default the locale file system component is used (Build any web thing! — LUYA).When you like to use s3 as filesystem for example, maybe this helps GitHub - luyadev/luya-aws: AWS S3 compatible components.

But as long as your folder is mounted into the webroot (public_html) and is writeable/readable this should not be a problem.

Maybe provide log informations, yii debug toolbar, or the XHR requests which just hangs so we can provide more accurate informations.


Hello nadar, basically the luya site is on NFS and the user has full read/write on the whole folder. I did some more digging. It does work but it is just very slow. I will look more into this and if I figure it out I will post the solution for posterity.