Error: [$controller:ctrlreg]

hello, i have a problem in luya backend admin cms where CRUD not working with the attached screenshot.
Hint : i enable cloud flare ( rocket loader enable )

Hi @E-motion-Agency for bug reports maybe use github issues. But as its already posted here, let’s find out what is the problem.

  1. what version of LUYA (core) and admin module are you using?
  2. Do you have the same problem on “LUYA” CRUD Views? (like users, groups, etc.)
  3. If not, maybe provide us the certain models and code for your given “Project” CRUD.


  1. luya-core : “^1.0” ---- luya-module-admin : “^3.0”
  2. Yes i have the same problem in all LUYA CRUD views

Could you please post the exact version which is installed for the given modules?

Have you created any custom angular code or an ngrest angular plugin defined with wrong template? What modules are installed? Show us the full list.

core version :
admin :
cms :
No i did not create any external plugin in angular

  1. So first of all try to update LUYA and all its module to the latest version: Build any web thing! — LUYA
  2. Then ensure there are javascript files loaded within your browser developer toolbar.
  3. so you have only admin and cms (and core of course) installed, there are not more modules in the library.
  4. if you do a quick fresh install of luya kickstarter, the error appears as well?