Forum categorie names

Any ideas or suggestions for forum categories? Altough we dont expect a lot of traffic in the forum. Maybe a section with “tutorials/snippets”?

A category for “ideas” would be nice.
I think tutorials, snippets and tipps could be found under “Questions & Problems”

My idea behind “Questions&Probelms” was to have a single channel where people can ask those Questions which are now asked in Slack.

Maybe we could create a new Categorie like:

Guided Help

  • Tutorials
  • Snippets
  • Tipps

What do you think?

I’d go with:

  • Questions / Help
  • Snippets
  • Tutorials

Not that we have anything for the latter, but without the categories no one will create content for it anyway.

Maybe it could be good to different to developer and customer/user topics?

Yes we could create a category Feature Requests which, if approved, can be copied to the issue tracker on GitHub.