LUYA Admin & CMS Version 4.0

Last week (August 2021) we released versions 4.0 of the LUYA CMS and Admin modules.
Major releases usually contain new migrations with database updates and deprecations. So there are a few things we would like to highlight.

Admin 4.0

  • We improved the usage of LUYA in a Kubernetes scenario, with multiple instances of LUYA running at the same time. We further improved performance of S3 and file systems with large amounts of data.
  • Similar to Active Buttons and Active Windows, the new Active Selection allows you to select rows in a CRUD list to interact with these in a next step.
  • There are new NgRest plugins like selectAsyncApi. It can be used to change select values based on context variables in real time, also known as “dependent select”.
  • The admin/proxy command is now directly visible in the Machine Detail window, so no more copy & paste of identifier and token!
  • New endpoints for headless usage are available.
  • We improved the use of PostgreSQL with the LUYA Admin.
  • We added an option to disable the LUYA login screen and display a maintenance message instead.
  • A new admin/log/cleanup command lets you purge old and outdated log entries that fill up your database tables.
  • The permission system for Active Buttons and Active Windows got a more fine-grained configuration. As an example, it is now possible to define which type of permission is required to see specific buttons in the CRUD list.
  • The storage file system can now asynchronously generate filter images, if enabled. This makes the admin faster and moves memory load to the queue process.

CMS 4.0

  • Multiple domains/websites: Thanks to @boehsermoe we got a powerful new feature for the CMS: one instance of LUYA can now handle multiple domains, managed in a single administration interface.
  • The publish from and to fields have been removed as the LUYA CMS now fully integrates the Scheduler, which allows you to schedule visibility changes of blocks and pages. Make sure to correctly configure the Queue/Scheduler.
  • The built-in redirection system now supports wildcard patterns. These can also be used as a backreference in the target path, e.g. redirecting /de/*.html to /de/*.


  • The LUYA Testsuite can now cover PHP 7.0 to 8.0 within a single testsuite file. This makes testing your module for different PHP versions a breeze.
  • The LUYA AWS got a brand new AssetManager to turn your resources into a CDN without any additional configuration (only the S3 storage has to be configured). It will publish new assets to the bucket automatically. A further move into stateless web containers!

August 2021, LUYA developer team

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