NEW LUYA Forms Builder Module

It took us quite a while to create this new module, but its finally here. The new LUYA Forms Builder Module - an elegant way to create Forms, right from within your CMS Pages with Drag&Drop.

Which would then render the following form:

The form builder contains a Form block with 3 placeholders, which are shown in the specific situation:

  • Form: Here you can drop all your blocks, like text, checkbox, file upload, etc. this will render the Form itself
  • Preview: If a the preview step is activated, the user will see a preview of its data with the Summary block. But you can of course always drop the other blocks into any of those placeholders (texts, heading, images, etc)
  • Success: When the form is saved successful, this placeholder will be shown to the user, maybe add a success message :+1:

The LUYA Forms Builder utilize the yii\widgets\ActiveForm mechanism, this allows you to replace the ActiveForm with your custom ActiveForm or any other (for example Bootstrap 4 ActiveForm).

When the form has been submitted, the data is stored in the Database and will be sent to all recipients configured, it’s also possible to provide a copy to the user which has filled in the form.

Installation is done like for any other LUYA Module (composer require, run migrate, run import and provide the permissions to the new module in the admin interface).

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