Open new tab in model CRUD

Is there a way to open a new tab with a custom content of a model CRUD when I click on an active button in the list ?
Atually I have a “processing” form linked to a model and I want to open this form in a new tab when I click on an active button in the list…

Hello @rochdi, welcome to the forum.

Do you mean by open in a new tab to just open a web address with target=_blank? The custom content would be a controller of your admin module?

You might use the Angular JS Plugin to define a template

'yourbutton' => ['angular', 'template' => '<a href="..">YOUR LINK</a>']

You might also use the internal linking system provided by Angular JS Router


Does that help?

Hi @nadar,
Sorry for the confusion I mean a new tab in the “CRUD window” like the list, create and edit tabs…

No, this is not yet possible. But yes indeed this could be a nice feature. Please create an issue here and describe your use case. Also it would be interesting to know, where you would configure such a tab? In the controller? api? model?

Hi @nadar
I’ve created a new issue as suggested and added my thoughts there.