Questions about moving luya website to another server

Dear Luya community,

A friend of mine wants to change his server provider because the actual one is super bad…

So as I am an IT, he asked me if I could migrate his website. But it is built on Luya CMS, and I had never worked with this one… Website:

Could anyone tell me how to move a luya website from a server to another (I have a Plesk interface on the new server) the old one I can see Files and DB but don’t know how it works, if it’s possible to only move files and copy DB?! Couldn’t find any information on the web, nor in the community.

Thak you very much for your help…

Hi @greenative

I think this should not be a problem at all to move files and database to the new host. But maybe check first if the previous developer where using the LUYA Deployer (check if there is a deploy.php file in the root of the project) (GitHub - luyadev/luya-deployer: LUYA Website deployment tool.). Also make sure you have rights to the git repo. Because with LUYA Deployer you can just:

  1. copy the files and database to the new provider
  2. remove the current folder on the new provider
  3. change the deploy target in LUYA Deployer deploy.php
  4. and deploy to the new server with ./vendor/bin/dep luya prod

If there is no deployer and no git access:

  1. just copy all files to the new host (including database) and ensure the permissions are set correctly
  2. ensure the webserver base directory is the same as on the old host /public_html.

Dear @nadar ,

Thank you for your prompt answer… I have this at the root folder:

Don’t understand that part: Also make sure you have rights to the git repo.

Sorry, went to the root and Found that:

Ok I moved DB and Files and get that… almost ok just the first picture not showing…

Maybe because the URL is not in preview mode… so I think all is okay because if I put /admin I can see the login form

It seems you don’t use GIT to run and manage that website :slight_smile: So nevermind.

Make sure the Document Root of your domain is “public_html” but i think you have configured that already correctly.

Yes, thank you for everything, I think with the proper domain configured, everything will be fine!