What's the status of the Unglue public API?

Is the Unglue API (v1.api.unglue.io) currently working?
Most of the time I got 504 error response.

Currently there are 4 webservers setup handling those requests. Maybe the payload is to big? Or do you have a specific example i could reproduce the problem?

I’m just try to compiling files in luya-module-admin/src/resources/dist
For bower.unglue timeout is always shown.
For login.unglue and main.unglue responses sometimes are OK like Compiling done in 1.5s.

Moreover, when I just access https://v1.api.unglue.io/ via browser, sometimes the JSON response is instant, but sometimes its not.

It looks like the processing of an incoming connection can take a very long time

It seems we have an “out of memory” response from node process. We are going to investigate regarding this.