Why does my LUYA CMS Page property does not show up?


I created a page property and imported it successfuly (luya import states that Property <property> is installed and up to date).
But I am unable to set property value from any page: the “Properties” menu item is not displayed when clicking the “settings” button in the top right corner of the page admin.

What am I missing? Can you help me please?

Hi @tm421

The page properties should be available after import, indeed. Did you reload the admin once? Maybe show me the page property content. What luya version of cms and admin are u using?

Maybe also look for an XHR request admin/api-admin-common/data-properties, there should be all imported properties listed. If not, the property was not imported successful.

Thank you for your quick response @nadar.

I use following version and I reloaded admin several times:
luya-core: 1.0
luya-module-admin: 3.0
luya-module-cms: 3.0

I will test the XHR request.

You can also check the database tables whether the property as been imported or not if you like, but the xhr request might provide more informations to debug.

With 3.0 you mean ^3.0 in your composer.json? Because the latest version of admin would be 3.8 and cms is 3.4.

Do you see the page properties menu? If yes, there are page properties.

Yes, it is version ^3.0 in composer.
The “page properties” menu item is not displayed. I can see the property in admin_property table.

page prop menu

Wow, thats strange. Could you please post me the xhr response? Also please ensure you run the latest version composer update and check the package versions afterwards. I made a small tutorial in how to see the package version in the admin => What version of LUYA am i using?

I was unable to get the XHR response due to an HTTP 500 error.
Turns out the property class file I created contained an accented character and was encoded in Unicode format. Switching to UTF-8 solved the issue.

Now everything is fine. Thank you for the time you spent helping!

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