Wrong profile information, showing wrong menus, and auto logout

with trinhtientao @ gmail.com => full access, working fine!
Problems with nguyenvinh3379 @ gmail.com:

  1. Just have the rights to access some modules, but still show up all menus, but blank content.
  2. When access the menu it has the access right, content show then auto logout.
  3. See personal information in the profile, it should show the information of nguyenvinh3379 account, but it show information of the account trinhtientao.

Watch this screen record https://youtu.be/ZunzulNXAdo

In addition, Vietnamese flag is wrong, please check the image.

Please help me and luyaer :slight_smile:

Hi @mrtrinhvn

  1. There is a second group:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-24 um 12.16.17

Is the user with limited access in this group and this group has more permissions?

  1. If images/files are uploaded, the filemanager permission must be permitted i assume.
  2. What version of admin and cms are you using?
  3. Could you try disable the cache (if not yet done), just to be sure its not a caching issue (i mean in the config.php the caching component)
  4. Please ensure the following line does not exists in the .htaccess (https://github.com/luyadev/luya-kickstarter/commit/7ab25bfe49728c6e3458adbfc1ba203e2e2e4fa2) - it seems that browsers are now caching also certain xhr requests. If removed, please open devloper toolbar and disable cache - for testing.
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The scond group is not causing any thing,but I add permission to access file, image to the 3nd group, and remove the line ExpiresDefault “access plus 7 days” in .htaccess file.

It is working as designed now, thank you for fast reply!
but how about Vietnamese icon image, it is not correct!

Regarding the Vietnamese icon. Create an issue here https://github.com/luyadev/luya-module-admin or even better, check the flags https://github.com/luyadev/luya-module-admin/tree/master/src/resources/images/flags folder. Maybe its just the wrong language short code but the flag exists or something like this.

I have checked, the Vietnamese Flag incon is vn.svg, not vi.svg as i set before
I have changed the language code from vi to vn (in the admin panel setting), it is display corectly now
Thank you Nadar
But Problem of translation, please check

Problem, when set language code from ‘vi’ to ‘vn’ (in the config.php):
Vietnamese is corect, but the translation in the admin panel is problem

Please fix this. In the admin panel setting, and the config file should be the shame vi and vi, or vn and vn

I temporarily set language code in the admin panel to be ‘vn’ to get correct Country flag, and in the config.php, I set 'vi for admin interface language, but ‘vn’ for langShortCode to get frontsite working

‘admin’ => [

‘interfaceLanguage’ => ‘vi’, // to get translation correct.


‘components’ => [

‘composition’ => [
‘default’ => [‘langShortCode’ => ‘vn’], // the default language for the composition should match


This is because the translations are missing, i can not “fix this”. You can send a Pull Requests with translations for vn:

admin: https://github.com/luyadev/luya-module-admin/tree/master/src/messages
cms module: https://github.com/luyadev/luya-module-cms/tree/master/src/admin/messages

you find more informations here: https://github.com/luyadev/luya/issues/1159

Translation worked if in the config.php
‘interfaceLanguage’ => ‘vi’

It is weird, getting translation correctly with ‘vi’ in config.php, but get correct Vietnamese flag with language ‘vn’ in the admin panel

So it seems you are from this region, what is correct vi or vn? Where is the difference? Should we dupplicate the flag from vn to vi?

Vi = Vietnamese, VN = Viet Nam
So, I think vi is corect for language short code of Vietnamese.
Now, the image vi.svg is not Vietnamese flag, but vn.svg.
I think, we shoud rename vn.svg to vi.svg

Or copy the flag, so both shortcodes exists with the same flag? Could you create an issue? Thanks

I temporarily delete vi.svg, then rename vn.svg to vi.svg resolve this probem. So now I have vi.svg is correct Vietnamese Flag. and in the config.php and in admin panel, I can use vi as Vietnamese short code.

But you did this in your vendor folder? This is not reommend if so! Why not helping others and sending a Pull Request?

I deleted in the folder luyadev/luya-module-admin/tree/master/src/resources/images/flags
I 'll create issue later